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MJJA Jiu Jitsu program.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Do you dream of competing at a high level? Do you need to master practical, real-world self-defense so that you can apply it second nature? Are you interested in having a great time?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will change your life. This is a bold statement. You won't understand it until you join the jiu jitsu community and embrace the lifestyle.

MJJA Jiu Jitsu kids jiu jitsu program.

When you join, you will immediately learn techniques that you can apply that day. You will bond with and create memories with amazing people who share your journey, struggles, and victories.

We offer gi and no-gi classes for kids and adults! Contact us today or drop by to check out a class FREE.

MJJA Jiu Jitsu vets and first responders jiu jitsu program.MJJA Jiu Jitsu vets and first responders jiu jitsu program.

We offer free jiu jitsu classes for military vets, police, firefighters, and first responders. These classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am and we are a proud member of the Adopt-a-Cop BJJ program.

MJJA Jiu Jitsu classes exclusively for women.MJJA Jiu Jitsu classes exclusively for women.

We also have a class exclusively for women. This class focuses on the same aspects of the jiu jitsu lifestyle: self-defense, competition, and community.

MJJA Jiu Jitsu competition team.MJJA Jiu Jitsu kids competition team.

MJJA is proudly affiliated with Ares BJJ, directly under Professor Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho ("Q"). We have a growing team of active competitors and strive to represent our academy and team well at all levels of competition.

MJJA Functional Fitness program.

MJJA Functional Fitness (F2)

ACE-certified coach Dave Wilson crafted a custom fitness regimen that combines bodyweight movements and uses battle ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, slam balls, and medicine balls. F2 emphasizes stamina, core strength, and flexibility and supports jiu jitsu and everyday body movements. MJJA Functional Fitness will

  • Get you in shape fast
  • Improve your agility and flexibility
  • Supplement your jiu jitsu game
MJJA Functional Fitness working out.

Classes last approximately 45 minutes. Class size is limited. Be sure to sign up when at the academy or send us a message online to confirm your attendance.

"I think MJJA fitness classes are a perfect compliment to my jiu jitsu training. I've noticed a considerable difference in my stamina and how I feel during training. It's also been beneficial in other areas of training outside of jiu jitsu."
—Kollin Haws

Do you want to be capable or comfortable? Step out of your comfort zone and try an F2 class. If you're ready to sweat and meet your fitness goals, Contact us today!

M1 Tactical program.

M1 Tactical

Do you carry (or plan to carry) a concealed weapon? MJJA coach, Jeff Cook, will lead the seminar and share the knowledge he acquired as a green beret. The course is approximately four hours long and packed with several days worth of practical techniques and live scenarios.

MJJA Tactical coach Jeff Cook.M1 Tactical promotional video.
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Attendees should wear casual street attire such as jeans, a t-shirt, and mat-friendly clothing (no exposed zippers, buttons, or rivets). Shoes will NOT be worn during the course, and BE SURE TO WEAR A BELT. A mouthguard is optional.